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Gateway Activity
Time (CEST) Mode Callsign Name Target Src Dur(s) Loss BER
 20:16:58 May 17 D-Star 2E0EEY/IC92 Chris CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet   RX D-Star
 20:16:21 May 17 D-Star VE3DBN Donald CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet32.00%0.0%
 19:46:17 May 17 D-Star M0JPU/705    CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet0.10%0.0%
 19:45:44 May 17 D-Star G0LEF/7100 Tommy CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet2.00%0.0%
 19:08:21 May 17 D-Star DL2NBB Thomas CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet5.50%10.6%
 19:02:46 May 17 D-Star N0RQJ/ID52   CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet2.939%13.9%
 18:55:09 May 17 D-Star VA3KSF/DVAP   CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet10.00%0.0%
 18:54:20 May 17 D-Star MI6HWV/2820 Gordy CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet46.80%0.0%
 18:39:36 May 17 D-Star I3MKH/2820 Mirco CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet1.30%0.0%
 18:29:46 May 17 D-Star WM4RB/DNGL Mike CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet4.30%0.0%
 18:11:48 May 17 D-Star F3UZ/5100 Jacques CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet1.20%0.0%
 18:07:12 May 17 D-Star WX1TEX/KEN  Kenneth CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet0.30%0.0%
 17:59:09 May 17 D-Star G7JCC   CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet5.70%0.0%
 17:59:02 May 17 D-Star K6PMG   CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet4.40%0.0%
 17:56:10 May 17 D-Star AI5OS B   CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet0.30%0.0%
 17:53:58 May 17 D-Star M6KCI/AMBE Dave CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet1.81%0.0%
 17:48:11 May 17 D-Star G0PTD/AMBE Alan CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet1.70%0.0%
 17:38:03 May 17 D-Star K5DZD/AMBE Harry CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet26.80%0.0%
 17:30:46 May 17 D-Star E25PRB/THAI   CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet3.60%0.0%
 17:17:30 May 17 D-Star N5OGD Gerald CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet0.60%0.0%

Local Activity
Time (CEST) Mode Callsign Target Src Dur(s)

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Hardware Info
Uptime: 110 days, 4 hrs, 50 mins
CPU Load
kim 4.9.58-xxxx-std-ipv6-64 Generic x86_64 class computer 60% 51% 3.7 / 2.4 / 2.1

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